Outdoor Picture Scavenger Hunt

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Looking for ways to get your children excited about being outdoors? Then an outdoor picture scavenger hunt is the ticket to encourage them to be interested in what's out in nature.

 Warm days mean more time spent outdoors the kids. But even after just a few minutes outside, I’m already hearing “What can we play? I’m bored!”

As much as we all hate hearing those dreaded two words, luckily the solution can be easily remedied. This outdoor picture scavenger hunt can help keep kids engaged for hours at all different areas of their lives. 

Whether it be their own backyard, on the road, or at your favorite camping spot. 

This printable also comes with an additional blank page for you to fill out on your own, making each location a unique scavenger hunt adventure and keeping your kids entertained and involved in nature.

About this item

  • Scavenger Hunt Game for Kids Outdoor: Let your kids or students spot up to 28 things in the great outdoors; this pack includes an extra sheet to write in your own items to make it unique for each and every adventure! 
  • Educational Activity: The scavenger hunt game set is designed for kids 6 years old and above. But can completed at a younger age with the help of adults.
  • Learning Tool: The kids scavenger hunt printable can be used in the classroom, at home, for children's parties, field trips, camping, vacation trips, and more!